Thursday, May 25, 2017

Memorial Day is Much More than a Day for Some People

War brings death to young men in the prime of their lives.  It leaves a heartache that never really heals and a colossal void that is never really filled.  The sadness is immeasurable.     Memorial Day is a nice idea but how can it do justice to a loss so immense? 

"At Headquarters First Army, Fory Jay, Governor's Island, New York, on 5 Aug 52, Lt. Gen. Willis D. Grittenberger, Commanding General, Fisrt Army, Presented Mrs. Marie M. O'Donnell, wife of the late 1st Lt. Joseph T. O'Donnell, with posthumous distinguished service cross which was awarded her husband for his extraordinary heroism on 13 Oct 51, on which date he was fatally wounded in the vicinity of Mun-Dung-Ni, Korea, while a member of Co. A. 58th Inf. Regt., 2nd Inf. Div.
Standing on the left and right of Mrs. O'Donnell are her two daughters, Sharon and Diane. The parents of both Lt. O'Donnell and his wife were present at the ceremony. "

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